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Precision Sheet Metal Laser Cutting

Your trusted partner for fast and high-quality sheet metal laser cutting. Experience precision, speed, and superior craftsmanship with our state-of-the-art technology. Specialized in stainless steel, steel, and more.

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We’re your premier destination for precision sheet metal solutions. Our state-of-the-art laser cutting technology ensures accuracy and speed. Beyond cutting, we offer expert laser welding and bending services, providing comprehensive metal fabrication solutions. Count on us for quality, versatility, and unmatched craftsmanship for all your metal needs.

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Sheet Metal Laser Cutting

Our 3 kW Fiber Laser can cut up to 1/4 inch stainless steel (6 mm), 1/2 inch steel (12 mm), and 1/4 inch aluminum (6 mm)



We have a 10 foot, 60 ton bender. Use this tonnage calculator to see if we can bend your parts.


Laser Welding

Laser welding offers precise, fast, and non-contact joining of materials, minimizing heat-affected zones and enabling high-quality welds. It enhances efficiency, allows for automation, and is suitable for diverse materials.



Our company streamlines the design process for clients by providing innovative solutions, expert guidance, and collaborative support. We leverage cutting-edge technologies and industry insights to ensure efficient and customized product development.

Why Choose Us

Family-owned companies offer personalized service, commitment to long-term relationships, and a sense of trust, fostering a familial atmosphere for clients.

No Minimum Order QTY

No minimum quantities required. We are ready to accommodate any customer.

Flexible Schedule

We are ready to work as long as possible in order to get our customers their orders.

High Level Precision

We are able to laser cut within +/- 0.001 of an inch.

Happy To Help

Don't have ability to draw parts on CAD software? Our knowledgeable staff will be happy to help.

Fast Turn Around

We strive to get you your parts within 5 business days!

Proudly Canadian

Manufacturing out of Quebec, Canada.

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